Every person buys the kayak for different purposes. Some like recreational kayak, some others like tandem kayak while others like a fishing kayak.

Fishing kayak is one of the most popular types of kayak in the industry. The demand for a fishing kayak is very high as compared other types of kayaks. This incredible growth attracted the manufacturers to develop more fishing kayaks and created a very tight competition among themselves. This led them to introduce cheaper kayaks with more advanced utilities.

Eventually, this led them to introduce cheaper kayaks with more advanced utilities.

Now the whole industry had become saturated. It is quite difficult to choose the best fishing kayak for your needs.

But don’t worry. We are here for you to filter out the 5 best fishing kayaks under $500.

So let’s get started…

Recommended Cheap Fishing Kayak Models under $500

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak, Professional Series Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Best Fishing Kayaks under $500 of 2020 - Buyer's Guide
Best Fishing Kayaks under $500 of 2020 - Buyer's Guide
Best Fishing Kayaks under $500 of 2020 - Buyer's Guide





Top 5 Best Fishing Kayak Under $500 Reviews

Model Rating` Price Length
Sun Dolphin Excursion 4.0 $$$ 10 feet
Coleman Rio Canoe Hunt Fish 3.5 $$$ 10 feet
Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak 4.0 $$$ 10 feet
Lifetime 10 Foot Sport 4.5 $$$ 10 feet
Emotion 90259 Renegade XT 4.0 $$$ 10 feet

Sun Dolphin Excursion sit-in Fishing Kayak

When it comes to entry-level fishing kayaks, the Excursion by Sun Dolphin is the best choice. The kayak is all the way made for beginners as well as moderate fishermen.

So instead of speed, the kayak is much more focused on stability. For example, it is easier to turn around smoothly when you find a fish to catch.

The kayak is 10 foot in length which in turn provides more space and comfortable ride throughout the paddling.

Fishing is the prime purpose of this best fishing kayak as you all know. As a part of it, the kayak includes three rod holders, two flush mount rod holders on the back side and one swivel rod holder on the front.

The kayak tracks excellently in rivers and lakes. It is a sit in type kayak, but you don’t have to worry because it has enough leg room to hold extra long legs.

The storage spaces are large enough to store small packets of foods and some drinks. All these features make it a suitable kayak make it to the list of best fishing kayak under $500.

Coleman Rio Canoe Hunt Fish

Coleman Rio is a yet another best inflatable fishing kayak under $500. As the name suggests, the kayak is a ‘canoe’ with similar functions of that of a kayak. This kayak can hold only a person at a time.

The double hull design of the body is marvelous in terms of build quality and is sturdy. It is the best kayak for fishing at rough waters because it has been built with raised bow and stern.

The body of the kayak is made up of durable 18 gauge PVC construction with 420D nylon cover which can resist tears caused by coalition with rocks and stones. The reinforced bottom part is strong enough to protect the kayak from tearing and punctures. The kayak is durable enough to hold paddlers and luggage up to 350 lbs.

The bucket seat is elevated and hence, you will feel comfortable during the rides. Although the kayak is not so good at tracking, you can still control it easily if you have little experience in kayaking. The kayak gear is small when you deflate it. Hence, You can easily carry the kayak in your vehicle wherever you go.

We can say that Coleman Rio is completely cheap, compact and durable inflatable kayak and it deserves to be on the list of best fishing kayak below $500 segment.

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Sevylor Tahiti is another best budget friendly fishing kayak under $500. It is a 2 person kayak that comes with some of the greatest features available in the market.

The whole air of this inflatable fishing kayak is distributed inside different chambers. The advantage of having separate chambers for air is that if any of the chambers gets deflated due to tearing or wearing, the rest of the chambers stay aerated and can make your ride comfortable as earlier.

The 21 gauge PVC construction is adamant and not available on many of the kayaks in the market right now.

Two locking points are made by ‘Double Locks’ for easier inflation and deflation. The seats are highly adjustable and can move it front and back to adjust the seating position to your requirements.

It is recommended to kayak only a person at a time because the kayak can hold only a maximum of 360 lbs and the leg space area is not much as compared to other kayaks. But you can also carry your child or your pets with you when you paddle.

Spray covers are used in the body that lets you stay dry by preventing the water splashes from entering into the kayak. Carry handles are present in front of the kayak that will help you to carry the kayak in and out of the water.

Additional features are included to add up your comfort like backrests that let you lean back and enjoy the whole adventures. It is also one of the light weight kayaks on the market weighing just 19lbs.

These incredible features will make it a good deal of owning this best fishing kayak under $500.

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

When it comes to sturdy and durable kayaks, Lifetime is a synonym of it…
And Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak is no exception to it.

It is another great contestant of best fishing kayak under $500. The complete body is made up of highly durable and high-density lightweight polyethylene which in turn can also reduce the weight. The kayak can hold a maximum of 3 people at a time, and the maximum capacity of the top fishing kayak is 500 lbs.

Being a bit heavy and wider kayak on the market, it is little difficult to paddle and handle, especially for a novice person. But you can comply with it by using it for 2-3 times.

The kayak is designed in such a way that it provides supreme stability and proper tracking. The hull design is attractive and also makes the kayak stable. There are multiple footrest positions to adjust to your needs and comfort. The backrest is quite good and keeps your body steady throughout the paddling.

Fishing rod holders are placed on the side and back of the kayak which will help you to catch the fish with ease. Cargo areas and storage locations are included wisely in the kayak.

The tunnel shaped hull design helps you to fish while standing or slanting towards any sides. Clip holders and cradles for paddles are also included to make it convenient for you to grab the kayak easily.

In every aspect, Sport Fisher stays as the best kayak for fishing under $500.

Emotion 90259 Renegade XT Fishing Kayak

A fishing kayak is way more fun to use as compared to other types of kayaks due to the innumerable functionality it provides. But there are times when you feel you are not comfortable with the sit in fishing kayaks.

What if the kayak is a sit on the top fishing kayak?

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about now.

Emotion Renegade is the best sit on top fishing kayak under $500 that comes with some of the coolest features. The body is made up of hard shell high-density polyethylene which is strong enough to resist every wave strikes.

The ST performance hull is one of the attractive features about this best sit on top fishing kayak below $500. It provides exceptionally good tracking and also maximize the overall stability of the kayak in the water.

The rear part of the kayak contains cargo net lacing for storing utilities. Many other storage spaces are located in different parts of the kayak. Both the front and rear part contains handles for carrying the kayak easily between land and water.

Renegade contains two flush rod holders for fishing. All these features made it to the list of best fishing kayaks below $500.

Sun Dolphin Journey sit-on-top Fishing Kayak, 10-Feet

Though I thought not to mention 2 kayaks from the same brand in our list, I can’t help myself without mentioning this amazing sit on the top fishing kayak from Sun Dolphin. Sun Dolphin usually focus on paddlers comfort and better design and Journey also follows the same path.

Sun Dolphin Journey is a top class budget friendly sit on top fishing kayak under $500. They have revamped the old design from their models to the extra durable, good looking design. The design changes in the cockpit are pretty amazing. This will allow you to enter and exit from the kayak easily.

Though it is a single seater model, it is 10ft in length, which is large enough to sit comfortably. PAC or Portable Accessory Carrier is a unique feature from Sun Dolphin that provides you useful storage spaces for carrying various things with you.

The self-drying storage compartments will surely help you to stay dry even after the water gets sprinkled onto the kayak. Other features include adjustable foot braces, protective thigh pad and many more.

All these features will make you comfortable throughout the fishing. Two flush mount holders and one swivel holders are available in the kayak for easier and better fishing.


Millions of people love to fish and you have that option as well. You can fish from shore or paddle out into the middle of a calm lake and cast off to see what you might find. Obviously different places will provide you with different results so you’ll gradually get to know where the best fish are to be found.

Tips When Choosing Your Fishing Kayaks

The next time you plan to go on holiday, consider going for fishing kayaks. As long as you have the right beginner kayak, it is possible to go kayaking and fishing at the same time. Fishing in a kayak is a unique experience that you can compare to no other.

Before you can go kayak fishing, you will need the right kayak. You can either buy your own or rent one. The option you chose of course depends on the size of your wallet. If you are on a shoestring budget, you should consider renting your fishing kayaks initially or buying second hand.

These kayaks are cheaper than purchasing a new one. There are several of these in the market but you should chose carefully and read the specifications thoroughly. It is advisable that you purchase a top brand name. This way you can be better assured of quality.

Once you have decided on your available budget, it is also important for you to consider the type of water that you will be fishing in. This is to enable you choose the right kayak for the job. Consider whether you will be kayaking in sea water or fresh water.

Will be kayaking in freshwater, will it be in creeks, ponds, small rivers, will it be in a lake or even the ocean. It is advisable that you get a kayak that is more stable if you plan to fish in the ocean or a river which has strong currents. This is even more important if you are an amateur kayaker.

When choosing your kayak, you should have “you” in mind. You need to take your weight, height and such other factors into consideration. Make sure that the kayak has enough leg room and can also comfortably bear your weight plus all the accessories you intend to carry.

You also need to consider your means of transporting the kayak. For example you can transport a kayak comfortably in a pickup or a car with a roof rack. If you plan to travel by airplane, make sure that you choose a light or inflatable kayak.

Advantages of Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks comes with several advantages. Some of these advantages are that they are durable, comfortable and stable. They also cost you very little in maintenance expenses. The other good thing about kayaks is that they you can use them for either salt water or fresh water fishing.

If you chose any of the modern kayak models, you have enough space for storage. There is usually an upper deck where you can store your fishing kayaks accessories.


There are hundreds of different models of fishing kayak in the market. So choosing the best from them is indeed difficult. But I have checked and filtered each and every model to help you to get a clear idea about the best fishing kayak under $500.

If you have any further doubts,I will be glad enough to hear it from you. Drop your doubts at the comments below. Cheers!