Fairly well known as a ‘Ducky’, using an inflatable kayak is definitely the way to go especially if your a beginner or intermediate. Although the traditional kayak is still faster than the inflatable one, the inflatable version is still considered more stable as it has a much smaller turning radius. the best inflatable kayak is designed to be used on calm waters, maybe small rivers and should be looked at as a great stepping stone to the more traditional Kayak.

If you’re looking to just have fun on the water, an inflatable kayak will more than satisfy your needs. This inflatable version of the kayak is actually pretty state-of-the-art. The overall construction is from a material called hypalon or known as (Toso-CSM in Japan), this is now the standard material to construct other inflatable vehicles and more.

There has been tremendous advancements in the field of kayaking in general and an inflatable kayak serves as a true testament to these recent scientific breakthroughs. In fact, just recently they developed some ‘higher end’ inflatable models that are strong enough to take on some rough seas out there.

Since the release of the inflatable kayak, they have become extremely popular especially with young families and kids in general. There have also sparked a great interest in the minds of the 18 to 25 crowd who would otherwise be a little bit afraid of kayaking or hardly even consider it.

There are 3 good reasons that have made the inflatable kayak a true success.

They are quick to setup and extremely portable so you don’t need a pickup truck to drag it to your river or lake of choice.

You can actually use it as a fishing boat. Yes it’s true! An inflatable kayak is considered an excellent fishing boat. In fact, kayak fishing is sort of big deal out there.

It is downright fun. Whether you’re just hanging out with your family at a lake or just want to get away from it all us, and inflatable kayak (With some nice sandwiches and beer on the side) will definitely do the trick.

So there you have it. An inflatable kayak will not only keep you and your family entertained on the weekends or what not, it might even make you look like the ‘adventurer’ in your own neighbourhood.


The Rio is a great inflatable kayak suitable for both adults and children. Like its bigger brother the Colorado is made from heavy duty nylon and PVC. Like most inflatable kayaks the Rio can be packed away and stored in a cupboard for easy storage.
It has a comfortable bucket seat and removable storage space at the stern. This inflatable kayak is best suited for recreational paddling and maybe for some kayak fishing on calm lakes and rivers. inflatable kayak

Max Capacity: 100kg
Length: 3.10m
Width: 1.09m
Weight: 12.1kg
Colour: Army green/Royal blue


The Colorado inflatable kayak is the two man version of the Rio. Like the Rio it is stable and can be packed away into the trunk of a car making it an ideal kayak for holidays where space is a requirement. Equipped with two bucket seats it is perfect for taking the kids on your kayak travels.

Max Capacity: 200kg
Length: 3.38m
Width: 1.18m
Weight: 8kg
Colour: Army green/Royal blue


At a considerably lower cost than the Rio the Ranger KRC79 are superb inflatable kayaks. With two extremely comfortable inflatable kayak seats which can be removed for solo paddling this kayak also has great versatility. It has two rubber skegs to aid tracking and is constructed with heavy duty nylon and PVC. Three separate air chambers ensure the boat would not sink if one chamber sustained a puncture. The Ranger has spray decks at the front and rear and offers plenty of cargo space.
inflatable kayak

Max Capacity: 165kg
Length: 3.25m
Width: 80cm
Weight: 11.5kg
Colour: Racing Green/Blue


This is one of the best inflatable kayaks if you are on a budget or want to check out if kayaking is for you without breaking the bank. Similar in design to the Ranger KRC79 this boat is tough and durable. The Tahiti is the forerunner to many of the Sevylor kayaks and can be paddled by two and a three man version is available.

Max Capacity: 165kg (two man) 210kg (three man)
Length: 325cm/385cm
Width: 80cm/99cm
Weight: 10kg/11kg
Colour: Dark Green/Banana Yellow

K67 Bali

The K67 Bali are quality build inflatable kayaks at minimal cost. Complete with an inflatable kayak seat, I-beam hull, Boston valves and bow and stern spray decks it has everything you need for fun and recreational paddles.

Max Capacity: 250lbs
Length: 8’6”
Width: 2’7”
Weight: 20lbs
Colours: Red

Sit on Top: U250/ST5656-7

A sit on top and inflatable kayak in one. This sit on top kayak is perfect for fishing and diving as it is both stable and easy to re board. It is made from heavy duty PVC and is electronically welded seals. The kayak seat is included and can be removed making this inflatable kayak great fun for playing around in the surf on beach days.
It has bungee straps behind the seat and footrest to aid comfort and manoeuvrability. There is also a two man version of this sit on top, the Sevylor U251.

Max Capacity: 250lbs
Length: 9’
Width: 2’9”
Weight: 21lbs
Colour: White

Kayak River XK1

Ideal for white water kayaking the XK1 inflatable kayak is both incredibly strong and lightweight. It has a pronounced rocker and is self bailing making it a good surf kayak. For greater control it has an integral footrest and optional thigh straps can be fitted. Together with the floor and hull being made from puncture resistant Sevytex composite this kayak is one very tough boat.

Max Capacity: 400 lbs
Length: 10’4”
Width: 3’2”
Weight: 22.5lbs
Colour: Yellow

Ocean Kayak XK17

This is one of the longest inflatable kayak around but even at over sixteen feet long it still only ways forty five pounds and can be transported in the trunk of your car.
Three people can paddle this kayak comfortably. Both the deck and hull are made of puncture resistant Sevytex composite making this kayak extremely tough. The Ocean kayak XK17 is great for extended voyages and surf play

Max Capacity: 800 lb
Length: 16’7”
Width: 3’2”
Weight: 45.5lb
Colour: Yellow

Pointer K1 Kayak

You would be forgiven for thinking at first that this inflatable kayak was a hard shell. Rigid plastic frames at the bow and stern assist tracking as do the two skegs. The cockpit can be fitted with a spray deck and has a large comfortable seat. This inflatable kayak also comes with a fitted rear cargo hold behind the seat and bungee straps at the stern. The Pointer K1 gives you a lot of kayak for a very reasonable price.

Max Capacity: 300lbs
Length: 10’5”
Width: 2’8”
Weight: 29lbs
Colour: Yellow & Black

Inflatable Kayak Reviews

However, when you decide to get your very own inflatable kayak, make sure you go for a quality kayak manufacturer and dealer.

Inflatable kayaks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are good for racing whilst others like the inflatable sit on top kayaks are good for fishing and leisure. Which one is good for you?

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

Celebrating forty years of trading Sea Eagle are one of the forerunners when it comes to building inflatable kayaks and boats. The company is based in New York and sells inflatable kayaks across the globe.

Sea Eagle boats are known for their performance and outstanding durability. Due to their excellent versatility the Sea Eagle inflatable kayak can be used for just about anything from recreational paddling, also the best inflatable fishing kayak or for Class IV river rapids.

Together with their traditional range of sport and exploration inflatable kayaks the company also makes many other types of inflatable boats such as folding boats, yacht tenders, dingys and paddle skis.

Their inflatable kayaks are very tough and even the entry level 330 features a heavy duty 33 mil Polykrylar hull and an I-Beam design floor. It has further features such as rope handles at the bow and stern, both front and rear seats are removable, inflatable spray skirts, self bailing drain valves. Furthermore there are two moulded skegs at the stern to improve tracking. There is also plenty of cargo space to allow for all your kayak accessories and weighing only 26lbs it can be rolled up and stored in a carry bag which wont cause you problems using air travel unlike a traditional rigid body boat. All this for a boat that is priced below $300.

When it comes to building and designing inflatable kayaks Sea Eagle are without doubt one of the best companies around. They offer a three year warranty which is a testament in itself of the design and build quality of their inflatable kayaks.

Furthermore these boats can be equipped with kayak accessories such as a bow bag and stern bag which come in very handy to a point you will wonder what you did without them. If you plan on running a lot of white water rivers then you won’t go far wrong with the Sea Eagle pro paddles. These kayak paddles are virtually indestructible and will last many seasons of abuse. You can also equip these inflatable kayaks with deluxe inflatable kayak seats if you are intending to go on extended paddles or generally suffer from back ache. They are very secure and comfortable.

Like any inflatable kayak the overall benefit over traditional rigid body boats is portability. The sea eagle boats can be packed quickly and conveniently into their own smart travel back which can be transported easily by hand and stored away on a boat, wardrobe or boot of a car.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package Review

Kayaking is an exciting experience but you should ensure that you have the right kayak. Remember that kayaks come in different styles and types and the best you can do is to choose the one that fits into your specifications. If you do not trust your instincts, you can seek the advice of a kayak outfitter.

However, you will need to let them know where you will be kayaking. This will ensure that they advice on the type of kayak suitable for those waters. Also let them know the sizes and ages of your paddlers, and their kayaking experience.

The following kayak tips will also come in handy. Remember that it is very important that you choose a kayak that you can carry easily. The best kayak is one that you can store and fold with ease and one that will not take up too much space in your car. Also choose a kayak that is inflatable and one that is easy to paddle.

The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak with deluxe package is among the most commonly used kayaks. This inflatable kayak has over the years become a daring with most kayakers. Sea Eagle have a wide variety of models which you can choose from. Each of these models comes with different features and varying prices. However, so far the 330 inflatable models are the most widely used.

The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with deluxe Package is an affordable kayak that is exceptionally versatile. The kayak is able to handle diverse water types. This makes it suitable for people who wish to go kayaking in either fresh or salty waters. You can also use this kayak in flat or white water. The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable kayak also offers you several other advantages.

The first advantage is that it is suitable for first time kayakers because it is stable, easy to lift and carry. If you are travelling to your destination by air, this kayak should be your first option because you can easily carry it on the plane. This is because it is compact and can easily fit inside a carry all. The other good thing about this kayak is that it has deluxe seats that are comfortable and offer some support for the kayakers.

Other good features of the Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package are that it has a 500 pounds load capacity. The kayak has 2 skegs that help you with tracking when you are out there kayaking. The kayak is designed for two kayakers but you can adjust it if you wish to paddle alone. It is very easy to paddle and will only take you a mere 5 minutes to inflate. The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable kayak also comes with a warranty of three years.

However, when you are out there kayaking, you should take the necessary precautions because the Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak can easily be blown away by the wind. However, this is only if you are kayaking in unfavorable weather.

Also remember that the kayak does not have tie down ropes for any cargo you would wish to carry. You may find the Kwik Tek PWCD-2 PWC Dock Lines With Snap Hooks useful to secure your cargo.

The Sea Eagle 330 model also can look a bit crowded even with only two kayakers. When all is said and done, kayaking in this kayak is a fantastic and exciting experience.