Best Kayak Fishing Net in 2021 – Buyers Guide by Atlantic Coast Kayak

Nothing is more frustrating and disappointing for an angler than to lose a hard caught fish. Moreover, people also face accidents whilst catching a fish if it isn’t placed appropriately. Such as losing your accessories into the water as you try to handle the fish or spill your drink on yourself. All of this can be avoided if you have a good fishing kayak net at your disposal.

Amidst of controlling the kayak, yourself, the rod, and the paddles, you also need to grab the fish and ensure that you hold on to it. That is whole point you sailed into the middle of a river or lake – to catch fish. Having said that, managing a live fish in a kayak is not straightforward. This is where a kayak net can be a great utility tool that can keep you organized and in check whilst you kayak and look for fish at the same time.

This guide aims to share the research that we have done on some of the best kayak fishing nets available in the market. These are the nets that cater to different fishing styles and enable the anglers to land all different kinds of fish.

Where Do You Keep Your Net On A Fishing Kayak?

When are you actively seeking fish in the water, you should make it a habit to store the kayak net on the deck, and right in front of yourself. This can retain your focus on the task at hand rather than struggling to find or reach the net. This also avoids the need to turn around in a kayak whilst you have a fish in your hand.

This makes it easy to handle it and is easy to reach as it is between your legs. This can be a disaster as you may also lose control of yourself, the rod and eventually the kayak. Avoid the ‘net pirouette’, as that is more suited to ballet dancers as opposed to kayak anglers!

Recommended Kayak Fishing Nets

Kayak Fishing Net Guide

If you are looking for the best kayak fishing net, they need to have certain elementary aspects covered. Let us look at the three of them that are meant to be the most important.


For landing nets to work safely and securely during a catch, you need to differentiate between a net that is for catching fish, with the one that is used only for catching and releasing (pleasure fishing).

You may also be interested in exploring the option of catching the fish only with the net, and without using a rod or any other form of gear. This will naturally be more difficult to use and execute, but can be ideal for kayak anglers, who are sitting in a close proximity to the water.


The size of the fishing net is going to be vital. It is important to ascertain whether you will be able to fit the whole net into your fishing or kayaking deck backpack. It should be of a reasonable size and may have collapsible and extendable features that can make it easy for storage within your kayak. For such purpose, a folding or telescoping net can be a superb gear. Same holds true for fishing rods as well, so you have better portability and storage.

Another important size related aspect is the hoop. The bigger the fish that you are after, the wider you net ought to be. Also, the size of the holes in the net is an important consideration too, depending on the type of fish you want to catch.

There should be a common sense approach with the hoops – bigger the fish you intend to catch, the bigger the holes can be. Think this through, or else you might lose the catch or even damage or injure it.


The net will, more often than not, be constructed from either nylon or soft rubber. Nylon is harsher in texture and will not be very fish friendly. It may be a prudent idea to shop for a knot-free net to avoid any hooks from getting tangled.

The soft rubber is great for catch and releases landing nets. This material will not be abrasive and hence, will not damage the fish or its scales. You can easily throw the fish back where it came from and that too safely.

Best 10 Kayak Fishing Nets

Let us look at the features and functionalities of top 10 kayaking fish nets that may be the right fit for you.

1. Goture Magnetic Clip Fly Fishing Landing Net

goture magnetic clip fly fishing landing net
This landing net has a flexible and foldable pole design. The pole length can be adjusted easily, making it ideal for storage and easy carry.

The material of the net is natural rubber and has a wooden frame that helps you protect the fish (and its scales) and makes for easy catch and release. The hook points are carefully crafted so they do not stick. These aspects ensure that the net is harmless to the angler or the fish.

The handle is powerfully designed from magnetic clip head and also features a stretchable spring-cord so that you can keep it as close to you as possible, and not lose it in water, or any other gear that you may have brought along.

Its dimensions are: Max Extend Length: 31.69″ | Weight: 0.88LB | Net Depth: 13.78″ | Hoop size: 13.78” *17.32”

It has a diverse usage and is designed for various activities such as wading, stream, and shore fishing and great for catching bass, trout and crappie.

2. Entsport Collapsible Fishing Net

entsport collapsible fishing net
This collapsible Entsport fishing net is made out of nylon mesh net that has tangle-free properties. It is waterproof and has a non-absorbent coating that is resistant to wear and decay. Its soft mesh is not harmful for the fish scale, and makes it a perfect gear for catch and release.

It has a folding pole handle made from aluminum. It is resistant to corrosion, is retractable and can be stored and carried around with ease.

It has a specially designed PVC grip that is skid-resistant. This affords the net with better sensitivity, overall durability, comfort and control.

It comes with a 1 year warranty from Sportmall (the SOLE Entsport brand seller) and after-sales service when purchased from Sportmall.

This net can be extended in length up to 40″. Other dimensions include folded length of: 17″ x 6″ x 2″; Hoop is 14″ x 16″ x 14″ deep; Weight: 14oz; Maximum load capacity: 11lb.

3. Measure Net Fishing Net

measure net
The Measure net provides mobility and convenience of sizing the catch without even touching the fish, and at the same time, keeping the fish safe as you enjoy this relaxing sport.

The net has an aluminum telescopic handle that is ideal for anglers looking to fish with a long leader or personal watercraft.

The net itself is constructed from super soft nylon that makes it ideal for fishing. The measure net is composed of strong aluminum tubing that has a sturdy rubber handle allowing the net to float.

Some dimensions of this product include: Telescopic Length: 33″ to 42″, Net Length: 18″, Net Width: 10.5″. Measures fish up to 28″.

4. SF Foldable Fishing Landing Net

sf foldable fishing landing net
This foldable fishing net is made from premium black rubber that is durable and hook-proof – ensuring the hooks done get stuck as compared to the usual nylon nets.

The net is foldable and is super light in weight as the material used in construction is aluminum tube. The rubber handle is comfortable, and the compact size of the product makes it easy to store and carry around.

It is specially designed to be waterproof and has a non-absorbent and lightweight coating mesh that does not harm fish or scales (fish-friendly), so they can be easily captured and released. The transportation of fishing net has never been easier as this comes with a belt clip design.

It can make for an ideal gift to your family members who are avid kayakers or anglers. It is suitable for kayakers or fishermen out in the bay, around rocks, or even those out on a boat.

Some of its dimensions include: Telescopic Pole Handle: A. 12″/31 cm Hoop Size fixed non-telescopic pole; B. 16″/40 cm Hoop Size has 2 section telescopic pole, Extend handle length max: 38.5inch/ 98cm | Net Depth: 11.8″ / 30cm |Length of side of the triangle Hoop: 15.7″ / 40cm.

5. EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net

ego s2 slider fishing net
The EGO S2 slider fishing net is one of the most versatile fishing nets that you can buy in the market. You never have to worry about losing a catch ever again!

It is not only a one dimensional net, but comes with an innovative modular platform that permits the angler to remove the net and apply over 30 interchangeable attachments.

This gear is an ideal example of a hybrid between quality and diversity. It is designed with revolutionary S2 Slider technology that allows you to modify the length of the net by a simple push or pull. This feature allows you to control the rod like never before, and you do not need to put your rod down ever again.

It boasts an amazing grip that can extend between 29″ to 60″, has an interchangeable modular head, varying types of mesh, and can hold up to 30 lbs. of fish.

This net is ideal for usage on any kind of boat, kayak, canoe, or Jet Ski, and is also suitable for streams, rivers, ponds and ocean.

6. RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Net

restcloud fishing landing net
The RESTCLOUD fishing landing net is made from durable netting and has a corrosion resistant aluminum handle that ensures that you get a lasting experience and a reliable product. This is an ideal product for use in salt water or fresh water.

It has a telescopic handle that is extendable from 18″ to 36″. This allows you to get that extra reach or length for those difficult to reach catches, and is ideal for usage by both, kids and adults alike.

The handle has a flip that opens and locks the net into its groove.

It has a lightweight soft mesh that is fish-friendly, and makes it suitable for use by both, beginners as well as professional anglers for catching or releasing.

The full gear is foldable and retractable, and has great portability, due to its easy storage and transportation.

7. ForEverlast Inc. Generation Floating Fishing Landing Net

foreverlast fishing net
The ForEverlast floating net is your trusted companion on angling trips. It has extendable cord and flotation capabilities, and these two ensure that you will not have to stress about losing that precious catch or the net, ever again.

This net can accommodate diverse kinds of fish – thanks to its large opening that can capture fish of every size and type. It can also be an effective fly fishing net, trout fishing net, saltwater fishing net, freshwater net, kayak fishing net, wade fishing net, and much more.

Given its lightweight design, it is easy to deploy and move around with. The cord tethers the net to your wading belt so you can have a convenient access to it, when you need it the most.

The rubber-coated and non-snag fish netting is specially designed to keep the fish safe so you can catch and release. The handle is long and extended for easy reach into the water, and the grip is firm and solid too, for added stability for the angler.

The floating fishing landing net is also a proud winner of the 2013 ICAST ‘Best of Show Fishing Accessories’ category.

8. ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Landing Net

This net has a handle and hoop that are made from premium quality material i.e. carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass that makes it ultra-light, impact resistant, and sturdy. There is a non-slip coating on the handle for better grip.

There is a waterproof rubber coating on the nylon mesh that helps prevent water logging and bad odors. The knotless design on the mesh avoids fishhooks getting tangled, with fish-friendly properties so the fish’s slime coating is not impacted.

It is easy to carry – thanks to the collapsible fly fishing net that can be clipped to your waist or back.

It comes in a universal middle size with dimensions, i.e. 11.5 x 15.5 x 10 inches hoop size that is big enough to catch trout fish of most ranges. The handle is 8.5 inches in length, and also comes in a shorter handle for fly fishing.

9. PLUSINNO Fishing Net

plusinno fishing net
The PLUSINNO fishing net comes in four models, depending on the size and model you prefer.

It is made from premium and high-density carbon fiber combined with fiberglass pole. The mesh is constructed from nylon and has a sturdy hexagonal structure. The overall net is roust and durable – thanks to the skid-resistant EVA handhold.

The nylon mesh is waterproof and has a non-absorbent coating that avoids water-logging or odor absorption. It is also knotless to prevent fishhooks from being tangled. The mesh is also fish-friendly and doesn’t harm the fish scales.

The net is foldable and is super light. These two are the requisite qualities for a net to be portable and easy to store. And PLUSSINO guarantees that. There is a specially designed belt clip that makes it easy to carry around.

This fishing net can serve as an idea gift to your loved ones who are avid kayaks or anglers. It is also ideal for fish catching and releasing. It is suitable for sea fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing et al.

10. Frabill 3672 Fishing Net

frabill trout net
Frabill has been around since 1938, and is undoubtedly one of the trusted names when it comes to fishing nets and associated gear for anglers. They provide all kinds of bait management solutions, and landing nets are a big part of that.

Their nets are robust in nature and made out of high-quality materials. They are designed as performance-driven products so you can fish with the peace of mind.

This particular product is made in China and its dimensions include: Height: 6 Inches; Length: 15 Inches; and Width: 15 Inches.


A kayak net allows you to lock your rod within the rod holder and swiftly and easily transfer your catch in your kayak. It also significantly lowers the chances of fish escaping back into the water and permits the anglers to handle them efficiently whilst safeguarding their fingers as well as the slime coat of fish at risk.

Every fishing kayaker should seriously consider adding this gear to their kit, before they head out into the waters. A fishing net is your safety net!