Kayaking Instruction Classes
If you have never been in a kayak before and wonder what it would be like, or you have recently purchased a kayak, these are the classes for you!

If you have paddled before and wondered what do do if you capsized, or have problems keeping the boat on its course in strong wind and current, these classes will help.

You will learn how to handle a kayak using various strokes and braces,  and the proper method of entering and exiting the boat. Another benefit of the classes is that if you are in the market to purchase a kayak you will have a better understanding of what boat and equipment is best suited to your needs.

All classes feature a shore side discussion of the boats, equipment, safety, maintenance, storage and transportation. Then we launch to practice and learn the various paddling and rescue techniques. All classes include a kayak,  gear and professional instruction. They’re held in a waterway with little motor boat traffic.

Skills Class
This paddling skills class has two modules, presented back-to-back.  In Module 1, we teach the  fundamentals of kayaking equipment, paddling techniques, braces, and entering/exiting
the boat.  Participants for Module 1 can choose either sit-on-top (open decked) or traditional (cockpitted) kayaks, depending on their interests.  Module 1 is approximately 2.5 hours long.  Module 2 is presented immediately following Module 1 and focuses on the additional techniques needed for safe and confident paddling in traditional kayaks.  Specifically, we teach supplemental turns, braces, wet exit and rescue techniques.  Module 2 is completed in approximately 1 hour.

Time: see below under “class dates.”

Cost: The cost for the basic skills class is $52 per person with rental ($32 per person w/your own boat & gear) for Module 1, only, or $65 with rental for Modules 1 and 2 ($45 w/your own boat & gear).

Class dates:

Sunday, May 6, 2012 from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. (Module 1, only) or 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. (Modules 1 & 2). Class will be held in Dania Beach, FL.