Best Kayak Fishing Rod Holders in 2021 – Buyers Guide by Atlantic Coast Kayak

Kayaking is fun, but do you know what is better – making your fun profitable. You can make your kayak a fishing kayak by installing a kayak fishing rod holder on it. A kayak fishing rod holder is the vital thing that separates a common kayak from a fishing kayak.

Kayaks are great for fishing as they help you explore water that does not receive much fishing traffic, enabling you to be luckier for obtaining your catch of the day.

For your ideal fishing rod holder for kayak, you need a rod holder mount that is waterproof. There are a lot of options to choose from, that are recommended below, and installing a kayak fishing rod holder is super easy.

Recommended Fishing Rod Holders

Lixada Adjustable Fishing Boat Rods Holder Rack

Wise 6039 Twin Pack Rod Holder with 2 Side Mounts, Black

PLUSINNO Fishing Boat Rods Holder

Lixada Adjustable Fishing Boat Rods Holder Rack
Wise 6039 Twin Pack Rod Holder
plusinno fishing rods holder





How to Install a Kayak Fishing Rod Holder?

Whether you have invested in a good brand of kayak fishing rod holder or have made your DIY kayak fishing rod holder, it is simple to install a fishing rod holder for kayak.

  1. Determine where the rod holder is going to be mounted.
  2. Mark the place where you will drill a hole to a snug fit the base of the mount. Double-check to prevent any errors.
  3. Start with a drill and finish off with a saber saw or a knife. Use sandpaper to smoothen the edges.
  4. Put your rod mount base in the created hole and use a marker to mark for the bolts’ holes.
  5. Drill holes for the bolts.
  6. Fit the kayak fishing rod holder base and the bolts properly in their designated holes.
  7. Apply sealant generously to the mounting bolts and base.
  8. Tighten the mount base from the back and wipe off excess sealant.
  9. Your kayak fishing rod holder is now installed and ready to catch some fish!

Mount Types

Here are the most common types of mounts:

  • Clamp: If you do not want to drill into the deck of your kayak, you can mount your rod holder using a clamp. A clamp mount rod holder is ideal if you are renting a kayak (so there are no permanent changes in the kayak) or want the flexibility to move the mount anywhere you want on the kayak.
  • Crate Compatible: A crate compatible fishing mount works great for many fishing enthusiasts. The holders are mounted in a crate, and they often come with 3 slots (for rods) on a single piece.
  • Adjustable: Some of the best kayak fishing rod holders are adjustable. They have an attachment plate that is either round or rectangular. They need to be drilled into your kayak. However, adjustable mounts can have a drawback of moving out of place in case of a sudden force caused by a big fish.
  • Flush Mount: If you bought a kayak without any plan for fishing and now want to change it into a fishing kayak, a great option is to go for the flush mount. The flush mount fishing rod holder for kayak needs to be mounted under the surface of the sit-on-top kayaks. The handle of the rod sits below the surface and everything above the reel (including the reel) is placed above. It gives a clean and clutter-free look to your kayak.
  • Track Mount: One of the most used mounting mechanisms these days is the track mount. It attaches the rod to the track adding more versatility to your fishing. There are different kinds of track mounts available, from light to heavy-duty, that provide you with the ease to configure.
  • Deck Mount: The deck mount fishing rod holder for kayak enables you to mount your rod on a flat section of your kayak.

All types of mounts for your kayak fishing rod holder work well in fishing environments – it is up to your fishing preferences which one you want to choose.

Best 8 Fishing Rod Holders

Here are some of our most recommended fishing rod holders for kayak:

1. Lixada Adjustable Fishing Boat Rods Holder Rack

lixada adjustable fishing rods holder
This 360-degree rotatable kayak fishing rod holder mount is constructed with strong and impact-resistant plastic and stainless-steel hardware. You can easily adjust it using the large locking knobs. It has a front lock mechanism that avoids losing the rod while you are on the go.

The Lixada Adjustable Fishing Boat Rod Holder can be conveniently installed and is ideal for kayaks and boats. It is available for $16.99 and is compatible with most of the fishing rods.

2. Suuonee Fishing Rod Holder

suuonee fishing rod holder
The Suuonee Fishing Rod Holder is manufactured using super strong and great quality propene polymer. It consists of a G Clamp mount that is made from aluminum with steel pressure screws. This clamping mechanism works great with many rail thicknesses and can be slipped over the boat. It has an adjustable 360 degrees rotation, in upward and downward directions, and can be locked to prevent the rod from slipping down.

The Suuonee Fishing Rod Holder can be securely installed on your boat or kayak, so you do not have to tire yourself up while holding onto your fishing rod. The rod holder comes with a 12-month warranty and is available for $21.49.

3. Bekith 2 Pack Adjustable Powerlock Rod Holder with Combo Mount, Black Finish

bekith 2 pack adjustable powerlock rod holder
The black Bekith Powerlock Rod Holder comes with a combo mount and is available in a pair of two. The rod holders can be easily rotated in a 360-degree giving you the flexibility to move it up or down, depending upon your preference. The rod ring can be locked for safety, and the stainless-steel hardware ensures durability and sturdiness.

The rod holders of Bekith Adjustable Powerlock can be easily detached when not in use, and the multi-positional mounting pack is available for $25.99.

4. Cannon Downrigger Rod Holder

cannon downrigger rod holder
Cannon is a leading name in fishing supplies, and the Cannon Downrigger Rod Holder stands up to the quality and performance that the company offers. The rod holder can be configured at three different positions giving you the flexibility and versatility you need.

You can quickly adjust the rod using the spring-enabled tension knob. The best part is, it gives you 360-degree freedom to rotate your rod, whether mounted at the top or on the side. The Cannon Downrigger Rod Holder is also compatible with other cannon accessories.

5. Scotty #282-BK Baitcaster Rod Holder w/Gearhead & Track

scotty baitcaster rod holder
The Scotty #282-BK Bait Caster Rod Holder can be an asset for any kind of angler. It is made of great quality material that can bear the weight of all kinds of catches. It has a bait caster reel secured in the cradle and the front slot spins the reel.

The rod holder comes with a gear head and track adapter that slides into its place and locks down. You can change your rod holder positions with a simple twist, it is as easy as that. The versatile Scotty #282-BK Bait Caster can be easily installed on different types of kayaks, boats, and canoes, and is available for $26.10.

6. Attwood 3005.0185 5009-4 Heavy Duty Adjustable Rod Holder with Combo Mount, Black Finish

attwood rod holder
Attwood has been helping the fishing world for the past 100 years with great quality and practical fishing accessories. The Attwood 3005.0185 5009-04 Adjustable Rod Holder is no exception. It can be used with spinning rods and casting rods and comes with a combo mount. It can be easily adjusted and provides a 180-degree vertical range.

The Attwood 3005.0185 5009-04 Heavy-Duty Rod Holder offers a rapid release latch mechanism and is available for $19.99.

7. Wise 6039 Twin Pack Rod Holder with 2 Side Mounts, Black

wise twin pack rod holder
The Wise 6039 Rod Holder pack comes in a pair of rod holders and two black side mounts. It is compatible with spinning reels as well as casting reels and enables you to configure multiple settings for great positioning. You can insert and remove the fishing rod easily and quickly with the help of the sliding lock ring.

The Wise Model No. 6039 Twin Pack Rod Holder gives you great value for money and is available for $29.99.

8. PLUSINNO Fishing Boat Rods Holder

plusinno fishing rods holder
The pack of the PLUSINNO Fishing Boat Rod Holder comes with two pieces of fishing pole boat holders. The rod holder is made with corrosion-free, sturdy, and eco-friendly material, and comes with stainless steel hardware.

The PLUSINNO Fishing Boat Rod Holder works great with all kinds of casting, spinning, and spin-cast rod handles. It can be adjusted at 360 degrees which makes the holder highly versatile so you can position it exactly like you want to. It is available for $49.99 with the maximum opening of the clamp at 1.97 inches, so make sure you check your boat or kayak first before making the purchase.

Where Is the Best Place to Mount a Rod?

You can mount your kayak fishing rod holder almost anywhere you want. If you have a lighter fishing gear where you need to respond as quickly as you can, it is best to mount the rod in the front of your kayak. However, if you have heavier fishing gear and plan to catch some heavy fish, it is best to place your rod holders facing towards the back.

Also, if you are a right-hander, it is easier to have the mount at your right side of the kayak, and the same goes for lefties who have a better grip of their kayak fishing rod holder towards their left-hand side.