Kayaking is one of the most exciting water sports which provides a high level of relaxation and excitement to both amateurs and professionals. This is the reason why there are already lots of people who are into this kind of sport.

Well, this is also the main reason why canoe and kayak trailers have a very high demand in the market. These are the pieces of equipment that allow easy transport of canoes and kayaks from one place to another.

If you would like to know how beneficial it is to have these pieces of equipment, read the succeeding paragraphs.

Kayaking is a great way to relax and just about everybody can take up kayaking whether you are young or old. Kayaking caters for all types of needs and requirements whether it is for sport or recreation.

You can buy sit on top kayaks for fun at the beach with the family, go kayak fishing, white water, or take the sport up as a professional racer. The cost of taking up kayaking can also be done on a budget as you can buy used kayaks for nominal amounts.

Carrying a kayak over any distance and on your own can be impossible and what is more you will be exhausted by the time you get to your destination. Furthermore it is not just your kayak you will need to carry; you will have paddles, a life jacket, and food, together with any other kayak accessories you wish to take on your journey.

Kayak trailers and carts although expensive can really help out in getting your kayak to the water. That said I have yet to come across any kayak trailers that are quick and easy to fit. Maybe I am being too optimistic in thinking there should be, by now, a simple universal ‘click and go’ design by now but unfortunately I have yet to find one.

The closest design I have seen to a ‘click and go’ solution is for a sit on top kayak where the aluminium bars of the kayak trailer simply slot into the scupper holes at the bottom of the boat and there is no strapping required. This is fine if your journey is predominately a flat surface. The problems arise if you need to go up a curb, stairs, cross a ditch or any other terrain where you would need to lift the kayak, as the kayak trailer simply falls out.

Whilst this situation is manageable it is awkward and far from perfect. Similarly using kayak carts and trailers which require the use of bungees or roof rack straps can be equally frustrating especially if you are trying to balance your boat whilst simultaneously trying to tie the kayak trailer to it.

My answer to “Is it worth investing in a kayak trailer?” would be yes, but at the same time I do think they are expensive and not without their faults.

Reducing the Hassle in Transportation

The biggest drawback of canoeing and kayaking is in terms of transportation. You must be aware that canoes and kayaks are large, so they would probably take a lot of space in your car.

But what if you don’t have your own car and you need to commute? That is where the big hassle and difficulty enters the picture. Good thing, there are trailers that you can count on.

Although they are expensive, they will meet your needs and provide you a high level of satisfaction because they can help you to get your kayak or canoe to the water.

What are the Most Ideal Canoe and Kayak Trailers?

Yes, there are several types of canoe and kayak trailers nowadays such as the A frame, V frame and H frame trailers. However, the click and go trailer is considered as the most ideal because it is very easy to use and can hold the canoe or kayak in place without giving you a lot of hassle.

It comes with heavy duty and high quality aluminum bars that are slot into the scupper holes located at the bottom part of the canoe or kayak. With this, you are rest assured that it can stand the test of time and will provide you a carefree feeling each time you bring your boat with you on your journey.

Now that you already know how important it is to have your own canoe and kayak trailers, you need to secure one. It would be useless even if you have the best kayak or canoe in the world if you do not have a reliable and high quality trailer to transport it from one place to another. So, why don’t you start shopping for them now and find the best deals?

We will soon be reviewing posting a comparison review of a few of the top trailers. In the meantime a good alternative option is an inflatable canoe or kayak. You can transport these in your car trunk or even in a large hold all bag.